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Morfose Hair Colour Wax 100ml

Morfose Hair Colour Wax 100ml


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Our hair color wax is specially formulated to change the color of your hair immediately and goes straight toff after one wash, leaving absolutely no color from the product. Supports the shaping and fixing of the hair without damaging the natural structure of the hair. Contributes to the temporary dye.

How To Use:

1. Start by holding a small amount of wax on your finger. Depending on the type of hair you may have. Applying too much wax can have your hair looking very greasy.

2. Distribute the wax across the palm of your hands and them until fully melted.

3. Apply the wax to your hair. Start applying from the back of the head moving towards the front as you do not want achieve any clumps in your head which will damage your hair. Also, be sure to close your hands as you reach the ends of your hairs to ensure the tips get some product.

4. Start styling your hair. While we recommend a slick back, side part or similar look, you’ll want to start forming the hairstyle you desire. If you feel you need more wax, apply additional amounts gradually.